What Are the Best Beaches in Western Australia?

When planning your next holiday, discovering the best white-sand beaches in Western Australia is a task in itself given just how much wonderful coastline is on offer. An example: Peaceful Bay, a region in the south, which boasts a stunning coastline renowned for its diverse marine life, pristine waters, and unspoilt sandy stretches. Whether you seek solitude on secluded shores or vibrant spots bustling with activities, Western Australia (WA) offers the best sandy beaches with white sand to suit every preference. From world-famous surf breaks to family-friendly bays with calm waters and white sand beaches, this guide will navigate through the top selections, ensuring an unforgettable seaside experience. Let’s explore together what makes these white-sand beaches stand out as must-visit destinations for both locals and tourists alike.

Unique Features of Top Beaches

Turquoise Bay

Turquoise Bay is a jewel among Western Australia’s beaches. Its crystal-clear water and pristine white sand make it a paradise for snorkelers, swimmers, and sunbathers alike. Here, you can wade into the inviting ocean water and find yourself surrounded by vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, making it a great spot for snorkelling.

The beauty of Turquoise Bay isn’t just skin deep. The beach, a favourite for swimming and snorkelling is part of The Ningaloo Marine park, one of the world’s largest fringing reefs. This means that, unlike many other iconic beaches, you have access to an underwater wonderland just a few steps from the shore.

Redell Beach

Redell Beach in Broome offers a stark contrast to your typical beachscape with its dramatic red cliffs meeting the ocean’s edge. This unique feature creates stunning visuals that photographers dream about. Walking along this beach feels like stepping onto another planet.

Despite its beauty, Redell Beach remains less crowded than other tourist spots. It provides an intimate experience where you can enjoy nature’s artwork in peace. Remember to bring your camera because of the sights here. 

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is famous for more than just its camel rides at sunset; the vast 22km stretch of beach is a great way to spend your time relaxing and cooling off from the warm tropical conditions in the North West. Also known for its dinosaur footprints that are fossilised into the rocks and best viewed at low tide. 

Family-friendly Beaches for All

Middleton Beach

Middleton Beach stands out as a family favourite. Its shallow waters make it perfect for children to play safely. You’ll find playground facilities nearby, ensuring fun extends beyond the sand.

The beach earns its reputation for clear waters and soft sand. It’s an ideal spot during school holidays when families gather to enjoy the sun and sea together.

City Beach

City Beach offers more than just sandy shores. Lifeguard patrols ensure safety, making it good for peace of mind. The calm waves are suitable for children, allowing them to splash around without worry.

This beach is not only about swimming. It’s a popular spot where adults can relax while kids build sandcastles or learn to surf on gentle waves.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is famous for its picturesque sunset views over the Indian Ocean. Here, picnic areas and BBQ facilities invite families to spend the whole day. Nearby cafes serve delicious food and drinks too.

With its broad expanse of sand, Cottesloe becomes a hub of activity in the summer. People flock here not just to swim but also to enjoy volleyball games or simply soak up the relaxed atmosphere.

Secluded Spots for Peaceful Retreats

Gnaraloo Bay

Gnaraloo offers an escape unlike any other. This hidden gem is accessible only by 4WD, making it a perfect spot for those seeking solitude and untouched beauty. The journey to Gnaraloo might be a bit of an adventure, but the reward is worth it. You’ll find yourself surrounded by calm waters and soft sand, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The area around Gnaraloo Bay is vast and open, providing plenty of space to set up for the day without crowding others. Thanks to its remote location, you can often have large stretches of beach all to yourselves. It’s ideal for sunbathing in peace, surfing, or enjoying a quiet picnic with loved ones.

Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay stands out as another tranquil retreat thanks to its remote location. Perfect for those looking to disconnect and enjoy nature’s serenity, this bay offers clear waters backed by scenic views that seem almost too good to be true.

Here are some key points about Hamelin Bay:

  • Calm Waters: Ideal for swimming or just floating peacefully.
  • Scenic Views: The surrounding landscape provides a beautiful backdrop.
  • Friendly Stingrays: An abundance of stingrays frequently visit the bay. 

Shell Beach

Shell Beach differs from your typical sandy beach because of its unique composition, entirely made up of tiny shells. This aspect not only makes it visually stunning but also creates a tranquil setting away from crowds typically found at more conventional beaches.

Visitors love Shell Beach because:

  • Unique Composition: A beach made entirely of shells is rare.
  • Tranquil Setting: Its uniqueness attracts fewer people, offering tranquilly.

Despite being less known than other beaches in Western Australia, Shell Beach promises a serene experience where you can unwind undisturbed by noise, except maybe the gentle lapping of waves against miles upon miles of shells.

The Best Beaches for Surfing Enthusiasts

Margaret River

Margaret River is a must-visit. It boasts world-renowned surf breaks. Surfers from across the globe come here to challenge themselves. The waves are powerful and consistent, offering an exhilarating experience.

The area around the Margaret River isn’t just about surfing. You can enjoy local wines and stunning landscapes, too. It’s perfect for those who love combining adventure with relaxation.

Yallingup Beach

Yallingup Beach is famous for its consistent waves year-round. This makes it ideal for surfers of all levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been surfing for years, Yallingup has something for you.

Besides surfing, Yallingup offers beautiful scenery and a laid-back vibe. After a day in the water, unwind at one of the local cafes or take a walk along the beach.

North Point

The challenging reef break at North Point is well-known. It’s suited for experienced surfers looking for an adrenaline rush. The waves here can get quite large, providing an unforgettable ride.

Keep in mind, if you’re new to surfing, North Point is not suitable due to its difficulty level.

Snorkelling Paradises Along the Coast

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef offers you an underwater spectacle unlike any other. Here, you can swim alongside manta rays and whale sharks. The reef’s clear waters make these encounters unforgettable. From the shore, step into a world of vibrant marine life.

The beauty of Ningaloo lies in its accessibility. You don’t need a boat to reach the colourful coral gardens. Just grab your snorkel gear and walk from the beach into turquoise waters teeming with life.

Mettams Pool

Mettams Pool is perfect for those new to snorkelling. It boasts an underwater trail that guides you through fascinating rock pools and shallow waters. This spot combines safety with adventure.

The pool’s calm, clear waters are ideal for families or beginners looking to explore underwater wonders without venturing too deep. You’ll swim over corals just metres from the shore, surrounded by schools of colourful fish.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island invites you on a journey through its enchanting coral gardens, filled with diverse marine species. The island’s turquoise water and white sands create a stunning backdrop for your snorkelling adventure.

Here, dolphins play in blue waters while swimmers marvel at the ocean’s bounty from cliffs above or within swimming distance from beaches. With easy access to breathtaking underwater landscapes, Rottnest Island is not just about quokkas but also about immersing yourself in aquatic beauty.

Accessibility and Amenities Available

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach stands out not only for its stunning views but also for its accessibility. If you or someone in your group uses a wheelchair, this beach is ideal. It offers wheelchair-accessible paths and viewing platforms that allow everyone to enjoy the beauty of the sea without barriers.

The area around Scarborough Beach caters to all visitors thanks to its thoughtful design. This includes people with mobility challenges who wish to experience the majesty of Western Australia’s coastline. The commitment to accessibility here ensures that no one misses out on the breathtaking sunsets over the Indian Ocean.

Busselton Jetty

Busselton Jetty is renowned for more than just being home to one of the longest wooden jetties in the world. It also boasts comprehensive amenities such as public toilets, showers, and changing facilities. These facilities make it a convenient spot for families or anyone planning to spend a whole day exploring what this unique location offers.

Busselton Jetty provides an educational journey through its Underwater Observatory, where you can observe marine life up close without getting wet! This blend of nature exploration and convenience makes it a must-visit destination on your trip.

Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach is another gem along Western Australia’s coast, known for both its surf conditions and easy access. Here, finding parking won’t be one of your worries since free parking spaces are abundant. 

Aside from surfing, Trigg offers rocky coves perfect for those interested in snorkelling adventures discussed in previous sections. Its combination of natural beauty and practical amenities like nearby cafes makes it an attractive option for both locals and tourists alike.

By ensuring these beaches have accessible paths and adequate facilities like toilets and showers, along with free parking, Western Australia proves itself as an inclusive destination. Visitors can focus on enjoying their time by the ocean rather than worrying about logistics. Whether it’s watching waves at Scarborough with ease from a wheelchair-accessible platform, taking advantage of Busselton Jetty’s family-friendly amenities, or hopping off a bus right at Trigg with your surfboard under arm, these spots show how thoughtful planning enhances everyone’s beach experience.

Activities to Enjoy at Each Location

Camel Rides

Broome‘s Cable Beach is not just any beach. It offers unique experiences, like camel rides at sunset. This activity has become a symbol of Broome and a must-do for visitors. Imagine yourself riding on a camel, slowly moving along the soft sands as the sun dips below the horizon.

The experience is both serene and unforgettable. People from all over come to enjoy this special moment. The ride usually lasts about an hour, giving you plenty of time to soak in the views.


Lancelin Beach is well-known for its massive sand dunes nearby. These dunes are perfect for sandboarding, an exciting activity that draws thrill-seekers from everywhere. You don’t need any experience to try it out.

Renting a board locally is all you need to be set for some fun sliding down the slopes. It’s an exhilarating way to spend your day at Lancelin, offering laughter-filled moments with friends or family.

Whale Watching

From Augusta’s beaches during migration season, whale-watching tours are available that offer close encounters with these majestic creatures of the sea. The region becomes a popular place among locals and tourists alike who wish to witness whales in their natural habitat.

These tours vary in length but typically last between 2 and 3 hours, providing ample opportunity to see whales up close while learning about their behaviours from knowledgeable guides.

Tips for Visiting Western Australia’s Beaches

Weather Check

Before you pack your bags and set out, it’s crucial to check the weather. The climate in Western Australia can be unpredictable. One day might offer clear blue skies, while the next could bring storms.

You should also look into shark activity reports. Safety is paramount when enjoying these beautiful beaches. Websites and local news channels provide updates on shark sightings and beach closures.

Wildlife Respect

Respecting local wildlife is key to a positive experience at Western Australia’s beaches. Always keep a safe distance from animals, both for their protection and yours.

Feeding wildlife can harm them by making them reliant on human food. It also encourages them to approach people, which can lead to dangerous situations.

Health Protection

The Australian sun can be harsher than what many visitors are used to. Applying sunscreen regularly helps prevent sunburns that could ruin your holiday.

Staying hydrated is equally important to avoid heatstroke, especially during the hotter months of December through February.

Here are some tips for staying healthy:

  • Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen every two hours.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Wear hats and UV-protective clothing when possible.

How to Make the Most of Your Beach Day

Arrive Early

To ensure you get the best experience at Western Australia’s stunning beaches, it’s wise to arrive early. Especially during peak season or on weekends, these spots can fill up quickly. By getting there in the first hours after sunrise, you’ll secure a prime location for your day out. This also allows you more time to enjoy the serene beauty before most crowds arrive.

Arriving early not only gives you a better choice of spot but also offers cooler temperatures for setting up. It’s much easier to pick your place and settle in without battling through packed sands or high noon heat.

Pack Essentials

When planning your beach day, packing essentials is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable visit. Remembering items such as water, snacks, sun protection, and a first aid kit will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

  • Water keeps everyone hydrated under the sun.
  • Snacks provide energy with no need to leave your perfect spot.
  • Sun protection, including sunscreen and hats, shields against harmful UV rays.
  • A basic first aid kit prepares you for any minor injuries or stings.

These items are crucial for health and comfort during long hours by the sea.

Leave No Trace

One of the most important practices when visiting any natural site is adhering to “leave no trace” principles. This means taking all the trash with you when you leave or disposing of it properly in designated bins if available. Ensuring that beaches remain clean not only preserves their beauty but also protects marine life from pollution hazards.

Leaving no trace involves being mindful about where waste ends up—always use recycling facilities when possible—and avoiding leaving behind anything that could harm wildlife or spoil others’ enjoyment of these pristine locations.

Western Australia’s beaches offer a spectacular array of experiences, from family-friendly shores to secluded retreats and surfers’ paradises. You’ve explored the unique features, accessibility, and myriad activities these coastal gems provide. Whether seeking tranquillity or adventure, snorkelling spots or surfing waves, this guide has equipped you with the knowledge to make the most of your beach day. Armed with tips and insights into Western Australia’s stunning coastline, it’s time for you to embark on your own sandy adventures. Don’t just dream about these pristine beaches; plan your visit and experience their beauty firsthand. Let the azure waters and golden sands of Western Australia create unforgettable memories for you and yours.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best family-friendly beaches with snorkelling spots, white sands, and rock pools in Western Australia?

Cottesloe Beach and Scarborough Beach stand out for their calm waters, patrolled swimming areas, and nearby facilities, making them ideal for families.

Where can I find secluded beaches in Western Australia?

Greens Pool and Twilight Cove offer serene environments away from crowds, perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Which Western Australian beaches are recommended for surfing enthusiasts?

The Margaret River region is renowned globally, with Surfers Point and Yallingup providing challenging waves suitable for experienced surfers.

Are there any snorkelling paradises along the coast of Western Australia, featuring the best beaches, rock pools, sandy beaches, and the perfect beach?

Ningaloo Reef is exceptional for snorkelling, boasting clear waters teeming with marine life close to shore. Rottnest Island also offers excellent snorkel spots like The Basin.

How accessible are the top beaches in Western Australia?

Many leading beaches, such as Cottesloe and Busselton Jetty, feature good accessibility options, including ramps and boardwalks catering to visitors with mobility concerns.

Best tips for visiting Western Australia’s beaches safely?

Always swim between the flags at patrolled beaches, apply sun protection generously, stay hydrated, and be aware of local marine life to ensure a safe beach experience.

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