Frequently Asked Questions

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Simply go to the “Book” tab on our website, complete the booking request form, we will then send you a formal quote for hire. Alternatively we’d be happy to assist you over the phone. 

We offer a 30% deposit option for bookings with the balance payable 30 days prior to hire commencement. 

There is a minimum and maximum age limit for those renting Our Vehicles.  You and any Authorised Driver must be at least 25 and not over 75 years of age and have no less than 12 months driving experience

Yes, if you hire one of our 4WD’s for a duration in excess of 20 days or 30 days we offer reduced daily hire rates. 

Our 4WD’s are available for pickup from our depot in Wangara WA 6065. Bring your personal belongings to us, and pack the vehicle before heading off on an Adventure. 

Our Perth depot as standard however if you wanted to embark on a one-way trip to Broome or Darwin this is something we can facilitate please just let us know so we can discuss the details. 

All authorised drivers will need to provide a copy of their drivers license. We also ask you have a credit card that will be used as security for the hire. If your drivers license was not issued in Australia, an international license (with a valid International Driving Permit or an approved translation into English if the license is not issued in English)

Yes of course you can, please just be mindful of the notice provided by you and how this impacts your refund.

With reference to our Rental Terms and Conditions: 

6.3 Cancellation and ‘No Show’

(a) You may cancel Your booking by written notice to Us prior to the Start of the Rental. If You cancel Your booking, Your Security Bond will be refunded minus our payment provider fee and a cancellation fee calculated at the following rates:

Notice provided by youPercentage of Hire Fees refunded
More than 30 days’ notice100%
Less than 30 days, more than 48 hours70%
48 hours or less0%

(b) A cancellation is not effective until acknowledged and confirmed by Us.

(c) You will be charged the Rental Charges for the Rental Period as booked if You fail to notify Us of Your intended cancellation prior to the Start of the Rental and fail to pick up the Vehicle, unless We are able to rent the Vehicle to another renter for an equivalent term and rate.

If per Government issued advice you’re unable to enter Western Australia or leave your home state we will refund your Hire Fee in full less any payment provider processing fees. 

If you’re flexible we may be able to come up with something that works for you. If not we can add you to our waitlist and let you know if a cancelation occurs or if we add a new vehicle to the fleet!

This is to cover us for any damage that may occur. Further it covers us for any other fees or charges that may  be incurred during your rental period. 

With reference to our Rental Terms and Conditions: 

Security Bond means the amount shown on the Rental Agreement We collect from You at the Start of the Rental as security for the Rental Charges and other fees and charges incurred during Your rental and the amount is fully refundable subject to sub-clause 5.2(d).

5.2 (d) We ask you pay the Security Bond, which will be taken as a pre-authorisation on Your credit card as a security for the performance of any of Your obligations and liabilities under the Rental Contract.

You authorise Us to keep Your credit card on file and to debit that credit card in the event that the Security Bond is recoverable under these Terms and Conditions, including if:

(i) amounts are due to Us under the Rental Contract, including toll road charges and refuelling costs;

(ii) the Vehicle has not been returned to the Rental Station at the date and time set in the Rental Agreement;

(iii) there is Damage (except for reasonable wear and tear) or Third Party Loss;

(iv) the exterior and interior of the Vehicle are not in a reasonable state of cleanliness; or

(v) there has been a Major Breach of the Rental Contract,

We ask you pay the Security Bond, which will be taken as a pre-authorisation on Your credit card as a security for the performance of any of Your obligations and liabilities under the Rental Contract.

We will return the bond to you  as soon as the vehicle has been returned and we are satisfied with the condition of the vehicle and camping equipment. To ensure everything has been returned in a suitable condition we will complete our post rental inspection. 

Post rental inspection procedure: 

  • We will take reasonable steps to conduct a post rental inspection in Your presence;
  • If You do not wish to wait for the full inspection, We will use reasonable endeavours to conduct the inspection within four (4) business hours; and 
  • if Damage is detected, We will notify You as soon as it is reasonably practical to do so.


We know a good trip is not just about the destination but also the journey. You can take these proven off-roaders just about anywhere in WA in accordance with our Rental Terms and Conditions.

Yes our vehicles are comprehensively covered. Included in our hire fees is access to our Damage Cover. Subject to our rental terms and conditions, We will indemnify You and any Authorised Driver for any Damage to the vehicle, its Theft or Third Party Loss but you must pay up to the Damage Excess shown on the Rental Agreement for each Accident or Theft unless: 

  • We agree You were not at fault; and
  • the other party was insured and their insurance company accepts liability

Twenty four hour roadside assistance is provided free of charge for breakdowns (but not for accidents) and if the vehicle breaks down during the Rental Period You must contact Us on +61 474 869 847 to arrange assistance.

Absolutely – we’d love to show you around our 4WD’s! Please contact us and arrange a time. 

With reference to our Rental Terms and Conditions: 

10. Accidents or breakdowns

  • We will provide You with a Vehicle that is of acceptable quality and in good working condition taking into account the age of the Vehicle but breakdowns do occur. Twenty four hour roadside assistance is provided free of charge for breakdowns (but not for Accidents) and if the Vehicle breaks down during the Rental Period You must contact Us on +61 474 869 847 to arrange assistance. We will recover and repair the Vehicle as soon as possible but if it cannot be repaired We will use Our best endeavours to provide a replacement Vehicle where one is available.
  • We are not responsible for:

(a) a flat battery because the lights or entertainment system have been left on;

(b) tyre changing;

(c) lost keys or remote control device; or

(d) keys or remote control device locked in the Vehicle.

Extra charges will apply if any of these services are provided at Your request and You are responsible for and must pay for any Damage caused.

  • Subject to the Australian Consumer Law, We are not responsible for:

(a) flights You have missed;

(b) holiday plans that are disrupted;

(c) loss or inconvenience caused by natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, hailstorms, earthquakes, bushfires, or pandemics;

(d) loss of enjoyment; or

(e) consequential or economic loss.

11. Accident and theft reporting


A breach of any part of this clause 11 is a Major Breach of the Rental Contract. See clause 12 for further details.

  • If You or an Authorised Driver has an Accident or if the Vehicle is stolen You must report the Accident or theft to Us as soon as practicable but in no case more than 24 hours of it occurring and fully complete an Accident/Theft report form.
  • If the Vehicle is stolen or if You or an Authorised Driver of the Vehicle has an Accident where:

(a) any person is injured;

(b) the other party has failed to stop or leaves the scene of the Accident without exchanging names and addresses; or

(c) the other party appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol,

You or the Authorised Driver must also report the theft or Accident to the Police.

  • If You or an Authorised Driver have an Accident You and the Authorised Driver must:

(a) exchange names and addresses, phone numbers and email addresses with the other driver;

(b) take a photo of the other driver’s licence;

(c) take the registration numbers of all vehicles involved;

(d) take as many photos as is reasonable showing:

(i) the position of the Vehicles before they are moved for towing or salvage;

(ii) the Damage to the Vehicle;

(iii) the damage to any third party vehicle or property; and

(iv) the general area where the Accident occurred, including any road or traffic signs;

(e) obtain the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all witnesses;

(f) forward all third party correspondence or court documents to Us within 7 days of receipt; and

(g) co-operate with Us in the prosecution of any legal proceedings that We may institute or defence of any legal proceedings which may be instituted against You or Us as a result of an Accident, including attending:

(i) Our lawyer’s office; or

(ii) any Court hearing.

  • You and an Authorised Driver must not:

(a) make any admission of fault;

(b) promise to pay any claim for Third Party Loss; or

(c) release the other party from any liability to pay for Damage as a result of an Accident, theft of attempted theft.

All of our vehicles come with 2 spare tyres. A spare all terrain tyre & a spare highway terrain tyre plus appropriate tools should you need to change a tyre yourself. You can change the tyre yourself if comfortable or use our 24/7 roadside assistance for help. 

We know Australia is a big country, thats why we include unlimited KM’s with each hire.  

Camping Equipment

It’s been our mission to ensure every essential piece of camping equipment is included with your hire! From kitchen equipment to recovery equipment and bedding its all there. Simply grab your personal belongings, fill the fridge, chuck yourself in the drivers seat and head off on an adventure.  

When it comes to our camping equipment we offer you nothing but the best, we haven’t cut corners on cost or quality. Everything is premium standard and has been rigorously trialled and tested by us so we know you’ll have an envious set-up. 

Our rooftop tents have open dimensions of

Discovery Evo W:138cm L:198cm H:104cm (tent on duo sized vehicles)

Vision Horizon W:154cm, L: 210cm,  H: 120cm (secondary tent on family sized vehicles)

A single tent is suitable for 2 adults or 3 small children.

Yes! Each vehicle comes with a sun protective awning so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.  

From experience we know what’s needed when it comes to a fully functional camp kitchen. That’s why we’ve included all the essentials, plus a few fancy extras we think might come in handy!

On board is a large 85L upright fridge with small freezer compartment which can be utilised for all your fresh produce. Further there’s a large dry pantry on board to store all your non-perishable goods. 

We have inbuilt 60L potable water tanks on board. We provide a hose and connections allowing you to refill the water tank. 

On board is a complete dual battery system, we selected a deep cycle lithium battery as the auxiliary to provide ample power. It’s there to support 12volt accessories such as the fridge/lights and provide charge to your electronics. Simply plug your device into one of the USB/Cig ports on board to start charging. High voltage devices such as laptops/cameras are able to be charged with the on-board 1000w inverter. 

No! Included with your hire is enough bedding & pillows for the number of travellers.

Should you get yourself in a pickle we’ve included all the essential recovery gear to help get you out. This includes:

A pair of Maxtrax, a snatch strap, an equaliser strap, a set of shackles, a tow recovery hitch and dampeners.

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